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Voith LSC Moisture Sensor (Transmission)

Voith LSC Moisture Sensor (Transmission)

Contactless measurement of moisture content

The Voith LSC infrared moisture sensor facilitates contactless measurement of the running paper web’s moisture content. It also delivers precise measurement results with uneven formation and moisture.

The infrared moisture sensor models 5120 and 5123 measure the characteristic absorption of infrared radiation at four measurement wavelengths. Proprietary measurement models and highly-developed optics provide for grade-independent measurement as far as possible. The integrated DynaComp™ function dynamically compensates for contamination or deposits on the measuring windows. This results in a continuous high level of measurement accuracy and fewer standardization intervals.

The infrared moisture sensors are used for measurement of moisture content of the running paper web. Version 5120 is designed for a grammage range of 100 g/m² - 500 g/m²; version 5123 is designed for a grammage range of 30 g/m² - 250 g/m².