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Voith LSC Scanner and Sensors

Voith LSC Scanner and Sensors

Precise and reliable scanner for your paper machine

Voith LSC Scanner and Sensors measures and monitor all important parameters of a paper machine. In addition, they can be put together individually according to the respective requirements.

Absolute precision and reliability are the main features of the Voith LSC Scanner and Sensors. Its high traversing speed in connection with fast digital signal processing delivers high-resolution profiles for precise cross direction and longitudinal profile control of the paper produced by your paper machine. A completely welded support frame provides the necessary robustness of the scanner even under extreme conditions. Depending on the model, the Voith LSC Scanner can be equipped with up to nine sensors to monitor your paper machine. Modular, maintenance-friendly, in-line sensor packages allow a sensor to be replaced in only 30 seconds.

The Voith LSC Scanner and Sensors can be operated either as an integral component of the OnQ quality control (QCS) system or as a stand-alone system with direct Ethernet connection to compatible distributed control systems (DCS) to ensure the monitoring of your paper machine.

Overview Scanner and Sensors

Your benefits

  • Plug and play allows an easy sensor change
  • Fast detection and control of process changes
  • Highest accuracy and measurement to the edge of the sheet
  • Extremely robust solution
  • Self cleaning features
  • Intelligent measurement with CAN bus technology