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Wet-laid tests

Wet-laid tests

Optimization of raw material formulation and clothing

The focus is on wet-laid process technology at the Voith Wet-Laid Technology Center in Düren, where new end products can be developed and debugged and their manufacturing verified on an inclined wire. The center also develops and tests new units and individual machines for the wet-laid process.

The HydroFormer headbox has a formation width of 500 mm and is designed for a speed of 600 m/min. Trials can be carried out at speeds of between 10 m/min and 600 m/min at basis weights of between 7 and 2000 g/m². The technology center is equipped with two pulpers, three machine chests, a refiner and deflaker. The HydroFormer headbox and closed white water loop are suitable for 1, 2 and 3-ply tests. The paper and/or wet-laid nonwovens can be mechanically dewatered and reeled up with a residual moisture content. These rolls (300-400 m) are suitable for transportation, such as for subsequent downstream processing. The inclined wire angle and the relative angle of the loading board to the formation zone are adjustable so as to allow the best setting for the different products to be identified.

In the Wet-Laid Technology Center tests on the inclined wire can be done under production conditions. The investment risk can thus be minimized. In addition, operating parameters can be determined to prepare for system commissioning at the customer's paper mill. The clothing can also be tested and optimized beforehand. Due to the very low stock consistency of 0.01 – 0.1%, the HydroFormer is especially suitable for the production of long fiber papers and wet-laid nonwovens.

Key physical parameters can then be measured and evaluated in the adjacent laboratory.