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Winder Service

Winder Service

For excellent winding quality

Our Winder Service enables deficiencies to be identified in good time, parts replaced or adjusted or the entire winder optimized.

Every papermaker wants straight-edged end faces and optimum winding, regardless of whether two-drum or single drum winders are used.

Worn, incorrectly adjusted press cylinders, winding heads and guide rolls impair winding quality and trigger vibrations. In addition, they also limit machine speed. The same applies to faulty parameters and poorly automated processes.

So that you can continue to deliver perfect winding quality with maximum production output, Voith service experts look after all processes related to your winder. The service is tailored precisely to your requirements and includes:

• Status check
• Inspection of winder
• Service report
• Replacing spare and wear parts
• Automation service package
• Technological optimizations

For the winder we also offer the option of our OnCall Service with a telephone hotline, direct dial-in via modem or standby team, ensuring that Voith Paper service personnel are available for you 24/7 the whole year round.


  • Total Equipment Service - Reliable all-round service for your requirements

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