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Winding test stand at the Heidenheim PTC

Winding test stand at the Heidenheim PTC

Testing machine-wide reels under realistic conditions

The winding test stand is an industrial-scale rewinder that can perform automatic reel changes. This enables detailed analysis of the customer’s paper under realistic conditions.

The winding test stand allows a detailed analysis of the customer’s paper under realistic conditions, and the tests can be exactly adjusted to the customer's requirements. All questions that arise regarding a machine-wide reel (PM/SM, online/offline, rewinder) can be investigated. The test stand is designed so that a change of reel drum can be done within an hour. The reel drum parameter can thus be varied several times on a test day. Different reel drums can be tested for their effectiveness in addressing the respective problem in paper tests on the practice facility. EcoChange S, EcoChange W and belt and air separation processes are available as reel changing systems. Control, measurement/control technology and operation all meet the latest standards.

The winding test stand investigates winding concepts, systems for automatic reel change, measurement systems/devices and special problems such as vibrations or warranties on practice facilities. The stand can be operated with rolls up to 2500 mm in width and 3500 mm in diameter at an acceleration up to 15 m/min/sec and maximum 3000 m/min.