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Yankee hoods and air systems

Yankee hoods and air systems

Hoods and air systems for Yankee dryer

Impingement jet drying using high-capacity hoods for Yankee dryers is one of the most energy-intensive drying methods in paper manufacturing.

Design and production quality have a decisive impact on the uniformity of the drying process and thus on the moisture CD profile and paper quality, as well as on the energy consumption and service life of the Yankee dryer hood.

If you wish to replace your hood, save energy or increase the drying performance of your Yankee dryer we offer you optimally matched and customized systems:

Standard hoods and air systems

  • Yankee hoods for Yankee dryer up to 510°C operating temperature
  • Air systems for Yankee hoods
  • Dust extraction at Yankee dryer
  • Optimizing of existing facilities
  • Heat recovery systems

    - Reboiler systems for generating steam
    - Heat recovery for combustion and reserve air
    - Heat recovery systems for machine hall ventilation
    - Process water heat recovery directly via scrubbers or using
    air/water heat exchangers

Voith Ultra-Hood™

The Voith Ultra-Hood ™ offers the opportunity to achieve substantially higher production outputs compared with conventional standard hoods.

  • Operating temperatures up to 650°C (for brief periods up to 700°C)
  • Maximum drying capacities for your Yankee dryer
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Lower power requirement
  • Promotes bulk and softness
  • High flexibility thanks to option of varying operating mode
  • Also suitable for retrofitting
  • Large number of reference installations

The Voith Ultra-Hood™ is a premimum hood for Yankee dryers which is particularly interesting for production increases. Using the same Yankee cylinder the drying performance can be raised even at higher operating speeds.


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