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Zero Power RAM

Zero Power RAM

Preventing machine failure due to loss of data

In order to maintain the functional capability of data storage in the winder control, the Zero Power RAM memory elements have to be replaced regularly.

Zero Power RAMs (ZPRs) are electronic memory elements to buffer machine data. They are used in older winder controls in order to store offset values, initializing data and operating data. If the ZPRs are no longer functional, data are lost and the machine cannot be started up after maintenance work or production-related downtimes. Without active data protection, data can no longer be reconstructed even after replacement of the ZPRs. For this reason, Voith provides regular replacement of the ZPRs in combination with data protection. Machine failures due to data loss are thus prevented.

Replacement of Zero Power RAMs is done in the main processors of older winders and has to be done at least every six years.