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DuoCentri NipcoFlex

DuoCentri NipcoFlex

The shoe press concept for high machine speeds

The DuoCentri NipcoFlex shoe press is especially well suited for high machine speeds. Up to four nips ensure a high dry content and product quality.

In order to be able to handle the large quantities of water accumulating in this position, the first nip of the DuoCentri NipcoFlex shoe press is double felted. In the second and third press nip, the web is pressed with its bottom side against the smooth center roll. In the third nip, a NipcoFlex shoe press achieves a high dry content and good strength before pulping. With high quality requirements, the DuoCentri NipcoFlex is extended by a fourth nip with a smooth roll on top. The contact of both sides with the smooth roll surface ensures excellent surface characteristics on both sides of the paper.

The DuoCentri NipcoFlex shoe press is specifically designed for fast-running machines and is available with up to four nips.