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Web stabilization between press and dryer section

The DuoTransferFoil with drilled roll stabilizes the web on the dryer fabric. By using it, problems such as edges peeling away, fluttering and the formation of wrinkles on the paper web are eliminated.

Web stabilization with the DuoTransferFoil is done by means of a vacuum (up to -350 Pa) that is set via the fan speed. For ropeless threading of the transfer tail, a threading zone can be separated in the system from the entire operating zone. In the threading process, suction is concentrated on the threading zone. The stabilization zone is sealed using lateral air knives and a machine-wide nozzle at the transition to the first dryer cylinder, which are provided with supply air from the DuoTransferFoil.

The DuoTransferFoil with drilled roll is inserted between the DuoCentri NipcoFlex presses and the first dryer cylinder in order to hold the paper web on the dryer fabric. The difference compared to the TransferFoil with dryer fabric suction roll is that the drilled roll does not have an internal box, and its suction mechanism works according to the DuoStabilizer principle. This design without an internal box saves costs and no back-up roll is required.