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Elastic roll

Elastic roll

Consistent paper web density and gentle smoothing

Elastic rolls gently compress, calender and smooth all sections of the paper web in the calender. They are temperature resistant and marking resistant thanks to an elastic plastic cover.

Center rolls are the centerpieces of the EcoSoft, EcoSoft Delta and Janus MK2 calenders. In the pressing nip between a hard roll and an elastic roll, the cover of the elastic roll yields to the unevennesses of the paper or board so that all sections of the web are contacted by the surfaces of the calender rolls and are thus gently compressed, calendered and smoothed.

The process aims to achieve a density of the paper or board web that is as consistent as possible. Today, elastic rolls with a plastic cover are state-of-the-art and are set apart from rolls with a fiber cover by their higher temperature resistance and marking resistance.

Elastic rolls are used in EcoSoft, EcoSoft Delta and Janus MK2 calenders.