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Hot-air drying with high efficiency

The HCB-Turn is a combination hot-air drying and non-contact web turning system. It is used after coating units to ensure a stable web run.

When developing the HCB (Hot-air Coanda Bernoulli)-Turn, the emphasis was placed on an optimal, uniform web run with short web draws and highly efficient and homogeneous web drying. The HCB-Turn can be heated both with steam and ¬†gas up to 400°C. The back absorption between the blast nozzles and at the head ends prevents thermal loads in the surrounding area and associated energy losses. Due to the special hole geometry of the CB2 air nozzles, a reliable and stable web run at a relatively short distance is possible. Noticeably higher heat and material transmission rates are achieved with the same energy supply. With the HCB-Turn, cleaning downtimes due to deposits on the guide rolls are prevented. In addition, the optimized air flow system allows a high degree of efficiency.

The HCB-Turn is the ideal drying system for the underside of paper or board webs after coating units.