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No streaking due to plugged suction holes

The InsiderJet is a high-pressure cleaning pipe that cleans the suction roll from the inside out. Clean holes result in optimal dewatering and minimal downtime.

The InsiderJet dissolves dirt particles and deposits from the suction roll holes with a high-pressure water jet and transports them out with centrifugal force. Clogging of the sleeve holes is effectively prevented, and constant dewatering over the entire paper width is possible. The result is higher productivity due to fewer tears, reduced downtime and more production. Depending on the operating mode selected, the oscillating motion of the InsiderJet can be continuous (24 h/d) or discontinuous (in the event of a web tear or only for a specific duration). In order to perform this cleaning task with consistent quality, the InsiderJet has to be serviced and maintained regularly by Voith Paper with the roll dismantled (at every roll inspection, but at least after 12 months of use).

The InsiderJet is used with suction rolls in order to clean dirty or clogged holes in the suction roll sleeve.