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OnC ConSens 700

OnC ConSens 700

Reliably measuring overall stock consistency

OnC ConSens 700 is an optical sensor with integrated air bubble compensation. With its six-channel alternating stream process, it measures the overall stock consistency together with ash and fines.

OnC ConSens 700 was developed for applications in which measuring methods based on gravity are inadequate due to the measuring principle. It has a large measuring range, is easy to operate, and is ideally suitable to measure overall stock consistency with ash variations in the raw material, even with a high portion of reject. In addition, measurements of turbidity and solid contents in the clear/turbid filtrate and retention measurements in the white water are possible. The integrated air bubble compensation provides for stable measurement results.

OnC ConSens is suitable for graphic paper, board and packaging, de-inked stock and pulp, as well as production control in stock preparation.

Model overview OnC ConSens 

OnC ConSens 700

OnC ConSens 700 Total consistency sensor

Optical online measurement for total consistency, mounted directly to the main pipe. Total consistency is measured including ash and fines. The sensor is connected with standard cables to the UniCom 930 consistency transmitter.


  • Measurement principle six-channel multi-angle NIR measurement
  • Large consistency measurement range 0–11%
  • Measurement of total consistency, including ash and fines
  • Automatic compensation of air and gas bubbles
  • No moving parts, thus no danger of spinning
  • Scratch resistant and sealing-free designed sapphire windows protect the optic from mechanical influences
  • Calibrated for paper raw materials
  • Easy calibration, one-point calibration is normally sufficient
  • Measurement independent of flow rate, temperature, chemistry
  • Easy assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Minimal operating and Installation costs
  • Sensor service valve (optional)
  • Alternatively, turbidity can be measured with the same device (turbidity 0,001 to 9,999 FNU)

OnC UniCom 930

Signal converter for OnC ConSens 700

Microprocessor-based consistency Signal transmitter with comfortable menu navigation and USB interface for Software update. It can be used to process the signals from two sensors at the same time.


  • Big LCD graphic display, back-lit
  • 2 OnC ConSens 700 sensors can be connected
  • Power supply 90–264 VAC or 18–36 VDC
  • Polycarbonate housing, IP66
  • Outputs 20 mA, 4 potential-free contacts for alarms
  • Profibus DP optional

OnC ConSens 700/720 Installation set 

Mounting set for OnC ConSens 700/720

Mounting set for OnC ConSens 700 consisting of:

  • Welded socket
  • Adaptor
  • Triclamp connector
  • Gasket
  • Blind cover
  • Optional plug for welding socket

OnC ConSens 720 

OnC ConSens 720 Total consistency sensor

The OnC ConSens 720 is an optical consistency and turbidity sensor. This advanced sensor is specially pre-calibrated for Pulp and Paper applications. It is used to measure the total consistency in the range 0...15% of pulp including ash (fillers). It is also used to measure turbidity in water and wastewater.

  • Factory-calibrated sensor
  • Applications from white water to medium consistency are directly selectable
  • All sensing principles (90°, 135° and four-beam alternating light) are contained in the sensor
  • Interference factors are compensated
  • Sensor housing in stainless steel with sapphire window

OnC UniCom 950 

Multi channel signal converter for OnC ConSens 720

The OnC UniCom 950 digital multichannel signal converter for optical consistency and turbidity sensors offers all the benefits of a first-class converter platform that is ingeniously simple yet offers maximum process reliability.

  • 2 channels/2 pcs. CS720 for consistency or turbidity measurement
  • Communication 4-20 mA HART, optional Profibus DP, Ethernet with web server
  • Intuitive menu interface with graphical display
  • Data logger function
  • Optional digital inputs/outputs or current inputs for signal transfer from other devices
  • Fast and easy adjustment of measured values


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