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OnQ ModuleNip

OnQ ModuleNip

Influencing thickness and gloss characteristics

With the OnQ ModuleNip cross profile control, the quality parameters of the paper in the calender can be changed in a targeted fashion, particularly controlling thickness and gloss characteristics.

The calender has the task of smoothing the paper surface and maintaining increased quality parameters of the paper. With the OnQ ModuleNip actuator, it is possible to influence the paper with regard to thickness and gloss. The actuator uses information supplied by the OnQ scanners regarding the gloss of the paper surface and the thickness cross profile of the paper web. Cross profile gloss control is achieved with the inclusion of additional steam blowers, while longitudinal profile gloss control is facilitated via the introduced line load of the Nipco roll. Control of cross profile thickness is achieved via the zone pressures of the Nipco roll.

The OnQ ModuleNip is used in the calender, along with the Profilmatic control software and Nipco rolls.