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OnQ WetEndControl

OnQ WetEndControl

Stable approach flow system and low chemical use

OnQ WetEndControl controls and optimizes chemical addition in the approach flow system. This prevents negative effects due to overdosed chemicals and reduces chemical costs.

OnQ WetEndControl is available for application in retention, gas and charge. To stabilize retention, OnQ WetEndControl measures the white water consistency and controls it by dosing the retention agent. OnQ WetEndControl for gas controls the addition of deaeration chemicals on the basis of the dissolved or free gas content. The added amount is reduced to what is absolutely required, which in turn minimizes the effect on other chemicals. OnQ WetEndControl for charge controls the dosing of the fixing agent based on the cationic demand by measuring the amount of anionic material in the stock.

OnQ WetEndControl is used in the approach flow system to control chemicals, thereby improving their efficiency.