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Visualize data, optimize processes and control your paper quality

The OnView information system was developed specifically for the requirements of the paper industry. It archives and visualizes all process-related data. Its intuitive and flexible user interface allows the operator to get an overview of the entire system’s data that is tailored to his requirements.

Powerful graphics modules such as trends, profiles, color maps and XY diagrams allow easy and quick access to current and historical data and thus help in maximizing process efficiency and product quality. With extensive online analytical tools such as FFT or correlations, connections between process parameters can be analyzed and the production process can accordingly be improved. Online observations, analyses and reports can be called up by each terminal in the intranet thanks to modern Web technologies.

Integrated user administration, together with views that can be freely combined, increase the user friendliness. The paper maker can thus always keep the entire process in view, from stock preparation to the finished product. By using standardized communication interfaces such as OPC or TCP/IP the system can work with various data sources from Voith products and also third-party systems.

The integrated reporting system is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the paper and pulp industry. Standard reports are based on definitions according to TAPPI and Zellcheming, but customized adaptions and extensions can also be easily implemented.