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Pluralis refiner fillings

Pluralis refiner fillings

More strength and improved energy balance

Pluralis refiner fillings allow effective refining of the pulp. They convey a high output per refining machine to the raw material, allowing the number of refiners to be reduced.

Pluralis refiner fillings are characterized by a very long cutting edge length (CEL) and a flow-optimized design with sectors connected to one another. The homogeneity of the filling cutting angle is increased by the higher number of sectors. In addition, the fillings are specifically coordinated to long and short fibers.

This allows a reduction of the specific edge load and gentle refining for optimal development of fiber characteristics. Integration in existing double-disk refiners is simple.

Pluralis refiner fillings are suitable for all types of paper qualities and as replacements for older fillings such as Voith TwinFlo™ refiners, Escher-Wyss DSR refiners and Voith SDM refiners. Furthermore Pluralis refiner fillings are also available on demand for non-Voith refiners for most popular diameters.


  • Pluralis Line - Saving energy with the optimal filling for every type of fiber

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