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PrevoCut STC/DTC

PrevoCut STC/DTC

Clean cut for efficient threading process

The PrevoCut STC and DTC high-pressure water jet tail cutters cut a flawless threading tail with the aid of a water jet between 600 and 1,300 bar.

The cutting head of the PrevoCut STC (Single Tail Cutter) traverses in cross-machine direction from the park position to the cutting position, subsequently widening the paper web. By contrast, the PrevoCut DTC (Double Tail Cutter) is fitted with two cutting heads that are independent of one another and is therefore capable of cutting and widening the tail at any position. Various programmable tail widths (STC and DTC) and tail positions (DTC) allow optimum adaptation to the following threading system. Maintenance is operator friendly, as the cutting heads have quick-change mechanisms.

PrevoCut STC and DTC cut the paper web precisely and cleanly – regardless of grammage or production speed.