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Reliable tail transport and fewer breaks

The RopeRing is a molded steel ring that accurately lines the rope groove. It is precisely adapted to the groove profile and can thus be directly installed.

Mechanical reworking of the rope groove before and after mounting is not necessary. Machining of the RopeRing on all sides ensures a perfect fit in the rope groove radially to both sides. When mounting, the RopeRing is pulled firmly into the rope groove, and the ends are welded, bolted down and ground. Meanwhile, the dryer fabric can remain in the machine. The differential speeds between the threading rope and the surface of the cylinder are minimized through use of the RopeRing, and downtimes are reduced.

The rope service life is also extended since the RopeRing is clearly more durable than plastic linings. The RopeRing is a reliable and lasting solution for all rope groove shapes, even for loose rope rings.