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Innovative technology for precise winding

The Sirius™ winding system winds the paper or board in a gentle and controlled fashion. It is especially suitable for surface-sensitive paper and large winding diameters.

A key feature of Sirius is the precise and sensitive line load generation by the SensoNip control system. This creates the nip load via the SensoRoll compression system. The growth of the roll is offset by the path-controlled movement of the full reel spool. Line load control and reel spool movement are completely separate. The continuous center torque and the oscillating unit facilitate control of the roll build-up and winding tightness.
The Sirius winding system is used especially with surface-sensitive paper and large winding diameters, but is suitable for practically every application at speeds of up to 2,500 m/min. It can be used with winding diameters of up to 4,500 mm and paper roll weights of up to 160 metric tons.