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HydroSchool public courses –
25 to 29 March 2019

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    Before focusing on the international conference and exhibition in Namibia, Voith takes the opportunity and provides a technical training.

    Our training takes place on March 25th to 29th, 2019 at Safari Court Hotel. Meet our Voith subject matter experts and learn more about turbine and generator maintenance and digital innovations.

    Our courses can now be booked online. We offer three options. Each of the option having 1 day digital solution training for free:

    • Option 1: 2 days of turbine basic and maintenance training + 1 day extra digital solution modul
    • Option 2: 2 days generator basic and maintenance training + 1 day extra digital solution modul
    • Option 3: full week training incl. turbine, generator and digitalization modul

    Please register directly online and benefit of special conference rates.
    With your registration we assume a binding booking.
    100% down payment after invoice latest 10 days before 25th of March


    March 25th to 29th, 2019

    Safari Court Hotel,
    Corner Auas & Aviation Rd,
    Windhoek, Namibia

    Public Courses

      Course title Language Location Date Duration Price Download  
      Option 1: 2 days of turbine basic and maintenance training + 1 day extra digital solution modul English Windhoek, Namibia 25th to 27th March 3 days 1.000 EUR excl. VAT PDF
      Option 2: 2 days generator basic and maintenance training + 1 day extra digital solution modul English Windhoek, Namibia 27th to 29th March 3 days 1.000 EUR excl. VAT PDF
      Option 3: full week training incl. turbine, generator and digitalization modul English Windhoek, Namibia 25th to 29th March 5 days 2.000 EUR excl. VAT PDF

      Voith Product Overview

        Voith HyService: On site. On time.

        Maintaining the maximum efficiency of your system is our goal – which is why we offer individual, affordable service solutions. Whether for regular maintenance or emergencies: our HyService Team is available around the world, day and night.

        Small hydropower solutions from a single source

        Small hydropower plants by Voith are sophisticated and reliable solutions for a sustainable energy supply. Our experts at Voith are here to accompany you from the selection of products to the start of operation all the way to the maintenance.

        Complete outfitting for large hydropower

        Voith supplies the technology for the largest and most powerful hydroelectric power stations on the planet. As a partner to the industry and a full-line supplier, the company develops and produces all of the components.

        We bring intelligence into the hydropower plant

        The increasing demand for energy and the use of different energy sources worldwide requires greater flexibility and more precise data from hydropower providers. Plants are therefore networked with the power supply grid, centrally managed, and software algorithms control many processes on their own. Hydropower is already highly automated; now Voith is making it intelligent.

        Travel, hotel and accommodations

          Our HydroSchool training takes place at Safari Court Hotel Corner Auas & Aviation Rd, Windhoek, Namibia. Please find out more at the following website:

          Join HydroSchool and register directly online

          Please contact us if you have any questions

            Susanne Schroettle

            Business Development Manager