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    Achieve your goal through joint optimizations

      Lowest operating costs

      We prevent waste and unplanned downtime with the help of condition monitoring and asset management. Our many years of successful implementation expertise have also been incorporated into the clear presentation of all relevant signals and alarms in OnCumulus. We train your employees with training content that has been specially prepared for you by our service specialists.

      Oncare for lowest operating costs OnCumulus for lowest operating costs
      Highest productivity

      Achieve the best quality, efficiency and maximum output with our Advanced Process offerings. Enable your employees to reach the full potential of their assets. Not only our OnEfficiency and OnQuality solutions, but also our maintenance and production experts are available for you. OnCumulus also offers analysis of various process data.

      OnEfficiency OnCumulus for highest productivity OnQuality
      Lowest downtime

      From actuators to excitation systems to measurement systems and turbine controllers to winders - your automation upgrade is in safe hands with our service engineers. In addition, we also offer you on site Condition Monitoring and Asset Management with our Maintenance Excellence Program. OnCumulus also allows you to coordinate service inspections on mobile devices.

      OnCare for lowest downtime OnCumulus for lowest downtime VR Training
      Most efficient communication

      Direct remote maintenance connections around the world guarantee service support where and when you need us. Thanks to modular service contracts, we are there for you to find the cause of a problem or to answer specific questions.

      Virtual Reality Training Remote Services

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