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Pumps, Internal Gear Pumps

Voith internal gear pumps are especially well-suited for any application in the low, medium, and high-pressure range. The pumps are available as

Voith internal gear pumps feature very low pressure pulsation – usually up to 50% less than other comparable internal gear pumps. This considerably improves the controllability of the pump. It also reduces noise emissions by up to 6 dB(A).

Decades of design improvement have resulted in high volumetric efficiency. At rated speed, the volumetric efficiency of our pumps is often 5 to 10% better than other pumps on the market. This makes Voith internal gear pumps the ideal solution for variable speed drives. And that improves your overall efficiency while reducing ma­chine or system power consumption.


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Technical data

Displacement volume      3.5 to 250 cm3 per revolution
Maximum speed      up to 3,600 rpm
Maximum operating pressure      20 to 345 bar

Advantages and benefits

  • The ring and shaft teeth processing for Voith internal gear pumps is extraor­din­arily precise thanks to a special production procedure. This keeps the pressure pulsation extremely low, improves the control loop performance in the hydraulic system, and allows your machine or system to function with high precision. The manufactured products are of exceptionally high quality. An additional plus is the low noise emission. This reduces the effort and costs associated with noise abatement. Workplace guidelines can be met in most cases without the need for additional measures.
  • Our optimized radial and axial gap compensation reduces volumetric losses over the entire operating pressure range. This helps Voith internal gear pumps achieve excellent volumetric efficiency. This results in better overall efficiency and energy savings during operation. The high volumetric efficiency of Voith's internal gear pumps makes them ideal for variable speed drives. With variable speed drives, energy cost savings in hydraulic systems can reach 70% and noise emis­sions can be reduced by up to 25 dB(A).
  • Voith internal gear pumps are built to be robust, compact, light and low-main­ten­ance. They commonly feature a service life of several decades and high availabil­ity. Your hydraulic system operates reliably, keeping your main­­ten­­ance costs low and your maintenance downtimes short.