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Scharfenberg coupler One4

The One4 Modular Coupler Head Has Revolutionized Maintenance

With the new One4 coupler head, we have systematically refined the initial modular concept even further. It represents a radical simplification and standardization of previous coupler heads. In the One4, the face has been separated from the coupler body and is connected to it by only a few bolts. The major benefit: the coupler body becomes a standard part. In turn, the face can be added for specific coupler types that are compatible with existing systems. This concept yields enormous time and cost savings when it comes to maintenance and repair.

Simplified Assembly / Disassembly

Where previously the entire coupler head had to be changed, usually only the face plate needs to be today. This separate plate is fastened to the coupler body only by bolts, allowing for fast and easy replacement. An additional benefit: all internal components are easy to access.

The result: Simple assembly, largely without the need for special tools.

Modular Actuation of the Electric Coupling

To simplify assembly and replacement of the electrical contact coupling, we have standardized the actuator of the electric coupling. As a result, side-, top- or bottom-mounted electric couplings can be attached to the coupler head by means of a simple bracket.

Heating Elements

The approach to heating has been standardized. Regardless of whether a coupling has been supplied with or without heating elements - slots for heating elements are provided in the face plate. This way, heating elements can be retrofitted at any time.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Greatly reduced maintenance
  • Compatibility with existing systems
  • Greatly simplified assembly of internal components
  • Fast replacement of the electric coupling and actuator thanks to a standardized bracket
  • Simple changing and retrofitting of heating elements
  • Simplified assembly of air couplings thanks to elimination of the loss prevention device
  • Special treatment of the face plate for improved corrosion protection