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Signal and Data Transmission

Electric Heads

Apart from power transmission, electric heads are used for transmitting control signals as well as data and video signals. They are mounted on the coupler head and, when uncoupled, are protected from the ingress of dirt and water by means of electric head covers.

Electric Head Casing Models

Electric Head Casing Models Standardised electric head casing models and interfaces ensure easy installation and a perfect interaction of all components.

Depending on the number of contacts required and on the position of the electric head with relation to the mechanical head, different casing types are available: two for lateral arrangement, and one for top or bottom mounted electric heads. A standard electric head includes a contact block fitted with contacts, cables and a hand plug. The contacts are easily replaceable from the front, the hand plug ensures an easy-to-fit connection to the carbody.

Performance Enhancement Made Easy

So far performance enhancements for signal and data transmission through the coupler meant considerable effort and high expenses, particularly for retrofit solutions. Voith Turbo Scharfenberg has developed Fast Ethernet based systems for different applications, covering both new vehicles and upgrades of trains already in operation.

The different systems

Without Electric Head: RadiConn

RadiConn is a contact-free data transmission concept which is particularly resistant to soiling, keeping the failure rate – and related maintenance works – at a minimum. The system uses near-field radio coupler pins. These may be integrated into the electric head, but can just als well be mounted anywhere on the mechanical coupler head. This makes the RadiConn particularly interesting for retrofit applications. 


Cost-Effective Retrofit Solution: TLM                                                                                      The Train Line Modem (TLM) shares the contacts and lines of an already configured electric head using a special modulation technique. This way, control and operating signals as well as train information, video or CCTV data may be transmitted without any modification on the coupler. A cost-effective solution for trains already in operation.

For New Vehicles: QuatConn

QuatConn is a solution comprising 4-pole pin and socket connectors which need to be integrated into an electric head. Once a contact block has been prepared to hold the contacts, these are mounted just like the standard ones. This makes the QuatConn a preferred solution for new vehicles.

Gigabit Connector: OctiConn                                                                                                    The OctiConn connectors work along the line of the QuatConn, but they offer a higher data transmission rate of 1 Gigabit/second.