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Front End System Talgo 250

Front End System Includes Nose Flaps and

Operator's Cab Roof, Talgo 250, Spain

For the Spanish highspeed train Talgo 250 (AVES-130) we have developed a complete front system including energy absorption system. Total energy absortion of almost 2 MJ and a type 10 coupling, model One4, which is concealed behind front flaps when not in use, ensure outstanding safety and optimal aerodynamics. The precisely synchronized components are supplied as pre-assembled and painted units. This means the system can be installed in the vehicle and made ready for work very quickly.

System Components

  • Automatic coupling type 10, model One4, according to TSI standard for highspeed trains
  • Cross member with integrated deformation tube for the coupler pocket
  • Side crashboxes
  • Front nose module with flaps opening to the side and integrated flap operating gear, pneumatic control components and external paintwork in three colors
  • Operator's cab roof with bonded windows, including TSI-tested front windshield, mounted windshield wiper and blinds, finishing paintwork in three colorsĀ 

Special Features

  • Four-stage energy absorption concept in coupling and crashboxes
  • Supplied as a fully assembled, painted and tested unit on combination transport and installation rack for rapid installation and commissioning
  • Components are installed via easy-access bolt connections, so only minimal adjustments need to be made
  • Electric and pneumatic connections to the vehicle are in the form of plug-in connections, which simplify installation and ensure connections cannot be confused


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