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Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems for High-Speed Trains

Accept any Challenge.

Installation mode: under the floor
Installation mode: under the floor

Cooling Systems for High-Speed Trains.
Even at High Speeds.

High-speed trains also place demanding requirements on cooling systems. For speeds of over 300 km/h, we have developed completely new solutions for air intake. Our cooling systems are adapted perfectly to the aerodynamic design of these high-speed trains. They are adapted precisely, provide maximum reliability, are capable and quiet. They keep pace with any speed. Even if the future becomes faster.

Installation modes for high-speed trains


  • As a cooling container under the floor


  • Water-glycol mixtures
  • Mineral oils
  • Silicone oils
  • Ester oils

Equipment to be cooled

  • Transformers
  • Traction motors
  • Rectifiers
  • Chokes, electrical resistors


  • Whole-block or partial-block cooling elements made from aluminum
  • Electric drives for fans
  • Fans made from aluminum, steel or plastic
  • Recirculating pumps for the coolant
  • Air filters
  • Expansion tanks with fill level monitoring

SilentVent – Improvement that Comes Quietly

With the new axial fan, we have improved the aerodynamic characteristics significantly. At the same time, we comply with the strict exhaust gas directives easily.

Great Input Power Requires More Cooling Capacity.

The completely new axial fan provides it. It simultaneously lowers the noise level of the cooling system. The geometry of the new fan has been improved decidedly, and air flows in and out optimized as regards noise generation.

Nanocoatings for Cooling Systems – Ensure Outstanding Performance.

Nanotechnology improves corrosion protection. It also helps to keep cooling equipment clean.

In order to ensure that our air-conditioning equipment also functions reliably in critical climate zones or in chemically aggressive surroundings, we now use a completely new coating system based on nanotechnology. This makes it possible to install smaller coolers that provide the same performance and weigh less. Less accumulation of dirt means longer maintenance intervals. Smaller cooling systems reduce vehicle weight – and thus fuel costs. Good for the operator and the environment.


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