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Gear Units

Service for gear units - with final test run

The overhaul of a gear unit starts with various tests and a precise wear diagnosis. On this basis it will be decided - in consultation with the customer - whether worn parts are to be refurbished or exchanged.

Your benefits

  • Individual solutions
  • Significant cost advantages
  • Examination of all settings and control dimensions
  • Testing of complete gear unit after assembly
  • Final test run


Service Helpline

(Technical Assistance)


t +49 7321 37 4181

Find Your Regional Contact

Exchange transmissions - the comfortable solution

Whenever gar units are due for service or maintenance we supply fully overhauled exchange transmissions. The old unit is removed and the exchange unit is immediately installed - the downtime of your rail vehicles is therefore reduced to the absolute minimum.

Your benefits

  • Fast
  • Comfortable
  • Economical
  • Vast stock of exchange transmissions - available all over the world
  • Suitable for all vehicles types from different manufacturers

Stakeholder Survey 2018 – Voith GmbH & Co KGaA

We cordially invite you to participate in our Stakeholder Survey 2018.

Its aim is to find out how you evaluate Voith's economic, social and environmental impacts and where you see improvement potentials in terms of the company’s sustainability performance.

The Survey Questionnaire will take around 10 minutes to complete.

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