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Full Speed Ahead.

RailPacks. Advancing with Power.

Whether railcar or special vehicle, every rail vehicle needs a suitable drive system. Our RailPacks, compact power sources with everything you need, can be used for almost any imaginable application.

However, their advantages, such as elastic suspension to prevent vibration, space-saving installation and high reliability remain the same. This makes them the ideal drive system for diesel railcars or special vehicles.

From diesel engine to turbo transmissions, highly flexible couplings, cooling systems, universal joint shafts, final drives and controls to support frames as well. We supply all components of the RailPacks, including perfect matching on the basis of our comprehensive system know-how.


Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA


Alexanderstraße 2 89522 Heidenheim, Germany


t +49 7321 37 4308

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  • Voith provides complete customer support, from consultation during the procurement of the vehicle up to our full-service care
  • Only one contact for the driveline
  • All RailPacks are type-tested
  • Routine tests after installation
  • Electrical supplies of auxiliary systems integrated on the vehicle side
  • Delivered ready for installation


RailPack 400DM

RailPack 400DM

Ideal for the environment

The RailPack 400DM achieves the highest efficiency - it is powerful and fuel-optimized. It is the ideal unit for all single- or multi-segment light railcars: Its redesigned DIWA Rail transmission significantly increases the transmission input power. The wide traction range permits a power rating of up to 390 kW. Optionally also available in hybrid version.

RailPack 400DE

RailPack 400DE

Reliable Service for DMUs

This diesel-electric Voith-Powerpack accelerates rail vehicles to up to 120 km/h. The quick switch system from electric to diesel-electric is as much a benefit of the drive system as its tolerance to extreme climatic conditions: it can withstand temperatures of as low as minus 40° Celsius. It is equipped with an integrated underfloor cooling system that regulates the temperature of the generator using water. The maximum output is 383 kVA.

RailPack 600DH

RailPack 400DH / 600DH

One solution for two power classes

This RailPack is available in two designs for two different power classes: one with the T 211 turbo transmission for a maximum power rating of up to 390 kW, and the other design with the T 212 turbo transmission for up to 588 kW. Perfectly suited for railcars traveling at speeds of 100 to 160 km/h.

RailPack 800DH

RailPack 800DH

Delivers the maximum

The RailPack 800DH with the T 312 turbo transmission is the most powerful RailPack available. This package is designed for a power output of up to 735 kW. Perfectly suited for railcars with maximum speeds between 140 and 200 km/h.

V12 diesel engine - V2862T3

for railcars

The new dimension: the V12 diesel engine is currently the largest and most powerful engine for railcars. It offers convincing output values and is particularly economical. High torque, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs make it also interesting for applications in locomotives.



List of lubricants: So that it always runs

Please only use lubricants recommended or approved by Voith. In this way, your RailPack runs and runs and runs and runs....