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Scharfenberg Front End Systems

More than Just a Complete Solution.

Scharfenberg Front End Systems. Ahead in Safety.

More and more rail vehicle manufacturers are demanding complete solutions in the development of front end systems. The advantages of these systems are functionality, handling and energy absorption. In this way, we satisfy the desire for modularization and standardization of functions and interfaces.

Our Scharfenberg front end systems have been adapted perfectly to meet the requirements of both aerodynamics and vehicle appearance. We develop and test the front end systems individually for each customer and speed.  In this way, shock absorbing features, retractable andautomatic couplinger, nose flaps and the associated operating gear can be combined. Minor impacts are cushioned without permanent deformation by the use of suitable materials and shaping. All modules are functional, are easily manageable and simple to maintain. They are lightweight and can be replaced very quickly. This is extremely important following accident damage, for example. Out-of-service times are significantly reduced. Assembly and repair costs are lowered. So that you travel ahead in safety with our Scharfenberg front end systems.


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Front Covers

Front covers are being used more and more often for building highspeed trains. The have the advantage of being easily and quickly replaceable, reducing installation and repair consts as well as out-of-service times.
They are adapted to the requirements of aerodynamics and the vehicle appearance. They can be combined with the fitting of shock absorbing features, automatic rectractable couplers, nose flaps and the assicated operating gear. Minor impacts are cushioned without permanent deformation by the use of suitable materials and shaping.

Nose Flaps

Nose flaps protect the coupling from dirt and offer considerably more protection for other traffic. Uncoupled, the coupling is stowed behind the closed nose flaps. When folded or telescopically retracted, it no longer protrudes from the front of the vehicle. This considerably improves aerodynamics. For coupling, the nose flaps open automatically and the coupling is extended.

Coupler and Front Hatch Control Units

Coupler and Front Hatch Control Unit, Cover Removed
Coupler and Front Hatch Control Unit, Cover Removed
Our micro-processor based coupler and front hatch control units operate all actuators of the system. They provide an easy-to-use plug-and-play control and diagnosis interface to the vehicle. Diagnosis comprises only few signals, keeping the cabling manageable and still considerably reducing requirements for diagnosis on the vehicle side.
The robust coupler and front hatch control unit can be mounted either on the car underframe or in the front nose.
A data bus connection to the vehicle is optional, and both service and maintenance software are available for maintenance purposes.

Impact Protection Elements

Rail vehicles have been made significantly saferr by the use of impact protection element systems. The impact protection element is constructed from standardized parts in accordance with the modular principle. It can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements. In the event of damage, it is quick and easy to replace.