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Front End System EC250, Switzerland

Front End System EC250, Switzerland

Experiencing the Gotthard base tunnel at high speed: The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has ordered 29 eleven-car trains from Stadler Rail. They will be operated as comfortable passenger trains crossing the alps. At first, railway service will be realized between Zurich and Milan, in a later stage an extension to Frankfurt is planned. When passing the Gotthard base tunnel in winter, spontaneous differences in temperature of up to 50°C are possible.

The EC250, also known as "Giruno" (Buzzard) in Switzerland, is an advanced development of the FLIRT concept, reaching a maximum speed of 250 km/h. Furthermore it has been adapted to the specific safety requirements for passing tunnels. The front hatch kinematics - patented by Voith - ensure safe and reliable operation of the front hatches, taking into account the additional energy absorption elements integrated into the train front.

Components supplied by Voith

  • GFRP driver’s cabin
  • Front nose module including front hatches
  • Front hatch kinematics
  • Coupler and front hatch control unit
  • Type 10 automatic coupler
  • Adapter coupler type 10/ UIC draw hook


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