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Front End System ICx, Germany

Front End System Including Nose Flaps ICx, Germany:

Superlatives in rapid succession: From 2016 on, up to 300 ICx trains will gradually replace the Intercity/Eurocity trains presently in operation, followed by the ICE1 and ICE2 trains. Thus the ICx forms the new backbone of the future DB (German Railways) main line traffic. The ICx sets new standards in flexibility and operational availability and can be perfectly adapted to different transport tasks.

An advanced aerodynamic design and optimised usable floor space result in weight and energy savings, while still providing all the comfort needed for long distance travels.

The modular design and few connection points of the front nose allow for fast mounting and easy adjustment of the components. Low-maintenance encapsulated actuators remain perfectly functional even under rough operating conditions. Apart from smooth operation, these actuators prevent any unwanted closing of the front hatches. This provides additional safety for maintenance works.

Our Contribution

  • GFRP driver's cabin
  • Front nose module including front hatches
  • Front nose module including front hatches
  • Front hatch kinematics (manual and automatic)
  • Snow deflector
  • Type 10 automatic coupler
  • Semi-permanent couplers
  • Adapter coupler type 10 / UIC drawhook


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