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Front End System KTX II, Korea

Front End System Including Nose Flaps, KTX II, Korea

We were involved in the development of the Korean KTX II highspeed train from as early as the design phase. The individual components were sychronized with each other early in the process. The result, a system consisting of a front nose, type 10 coupling and controller, is impressive with perfect aerodynamic properties even at 350 km/h. Simple interfaces with the vehicle and the special design of the front nose enable rapid installation and make maintenance considerably easier.

Special Features

  • The self-supporting structure of the front nose does not require a framework construction, it is lightweight and helps to significantly reduce engineering and production effort
  • The front nose is delivered fully assembled and adjusted; it can be mounted on the vehicle with just a few bolts
  • All components satisfy the stringent Korean fire prevention regulations


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