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Service for Actuators and Control Systems

Generate more profit using our services

Service for actuators and control systems on gas turbines,
steam turbines and compressors


Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

St. Poeltener Straße 43 89522 Heidenheim Germany


t +49 7321 37-9990

We truly have a single goal: To ensure your operation runs as you want it to – reliably, efficiently and profitably. We are your partners over the entire life cycle of your turbine or system. This starts with the planning, continues during use and also includes the development of cost-effective concepts for operation, maintenance and repair.

You benefit from the experience we have accumulated in turbomachinery for the last 40 years. Globally, 350 customers place their trust in this. More than 10,000 steam turbines using our actuators and control systems are driving generators, compressors and other driven machines. In addition, there are 950 gas turbines equipped with Voith valve controls.

Service provided directly by the manufacturer increases the efficiency, safety and availability of your system. The engineers and technicians of Voith's service network are available worldwide. We maintain sales and service locations in all regions of the world.

Our Offers

Service solutions for Actuators and Control Systems

Retrofit & Modernization

Efficiently increase productivity

Production processes change over time, usually placing greater demands on productivity. A system incorporating the latest technology forms a solid basis for high productivity combined with the best process quality. New products and optimized processes improve the functionality and efficiency of your system. A modernization project with manageable investment costs is often amortized in a short time.

What do we offer you?

  • Advice and support, for example:
    • Analyzing the installed technology
    • Pointing out potential improvements
    • Designing the new technology to suit your requirements
    • Suggesting products and systems with a corresponding quote
  • Disassembling the old components
  • Assembling the new components
  • Commissioning
  • Supporting production during the start-up phase
  • Training for operating and maintenance personnel

What are the benefits for you?

  • Increasing the productivity of your system with customized solutions
  • Improving process quality with precise control systems
  • Increasing energy efficiency with advanced actuators and control systems
  • Decreasing maintenance and repair costs with reliable components that are easy to service
  • Enhancing system availability with a secure supply of spare parts
  • Expanding functionality and easy servicing with new technologies (for example, Internet of Things [IoT] environment)
  • Easy migration to a new technology by way of competent complete service


  • Retrofitting analog turbine control systems to digital TurCon DTm controllers – including design, configuration, parameterization and commissioning.
  • Upgrading old, non-redundant products to new, redundant products with high reliability.
  • Upgrading electro-hydraulic products to the self-contained SelCon linear actuator without the need for an external oil supply.
  • Replacing the malfunction-prone, high-maintenance products of competitors.
  • Retrofitting mechanical-hydraulic valve control systems to electro-hydraulic or electromechanical solutions.

Technical Services & Engineering

Substantially improve efficiency

Do you have questions about products or systems? Contact us. We have experienced experts who can quickly answer your questions regarding function, handling, application and troubleshooting. If necessary, we will form a team from the areas of service, sales and development. They will provide you with professional answers, quickly giving you the help you need.

What do we offer you?

  • Technical advice and engineering support, for example:
    • Answers to questions about products and their use
    • Help in troubleshooting the system
    • Performing failure modes and effects analyses (FMEAs)
    • Involvement in optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Suggestions for increasing productivity and optimizing the process
    • Developing strategies for operation, maintenance and repair
  • Inspection of the actuators and control systems (even for non-Voith products)
  • Standardized product training and system-specific training
  • Consulting via phone, email or on-site
  • Remote and on-site diagnostics

What are the benefits for you?

  • Increased machine and system availability resulting from optimized operation
  • High productivity and product quality by using the best processes
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) as a result of investment and operating costs which have been carefully considered
  • Products used in the best possible way as a result of training by the manufacturer and first-hand expertise
  • Cost and time savings as a result of competent and prompt advice


  • Systematic troubleshooting, i.e. with root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Condition monitoring with the measurement of predefined parameters (e.g. oil quality and environmental conditions) followed by assessment
  • On-site inspection as the first step for preventive maintenance and repair

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

Systematically planning system availability

You can increase the production reliability of your system with Voith Field Service. You will reduce the risk of plant downtime and the associated costs. Our service technicians are experts in their area. They will help you optimize your maintenance strategy. We come to your site whenever you want – either at scheduled times or even at short notice.

What do we offer you?

  • Preventive maintenance and repair of the actuators and control systems:
    • On-site maintenance and inspection
    • On-site overhaul
    • On-site repairs
  • Installing and commissioning
  • Supporting production during the start-up Phase
  • Proof test of funtional safety of SIL devices
  • Servicing the actuators and control systems of other manufacturers

What are the benefits for you?

  • High system availability by providing maintenance and repair at the highest level
  • Predictable maintenance costs and personnel schedule planning due to targeted preventive maintenance
  • Maximum productivity due to consistent turbine performance


  • Performance of all maintenance, inspection and overhaul tasks
  • Completion of repairs and troubleshooting
  • Installation and commissioning of the actuators and controllers
  • Cleaning and readjustment of the actuators
  • Analysis of the existing situation with consultation

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul @ Voith

Maintaining performance with vast knowledge

You can be rest assured, when we maintain and repair your products, we are always looking for the best cost-benefit ratio. Service from the manufacturer is efficient and pays off because we know our products inside and out. The products are maintained, repaired and overhauled to precisely the same high level of quality which applies to new products. Before starting the service tasks, we perform thorough diagnostic testing on the products.

Then, you get a report on our findings together with a binding quote. This is how we create maximum cost transparency and provide you with concrete facts for your financial decisions.

What do we offer you?

  • Overhaul
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Update the products with the latest technology

What are the benefits for you?

  • A long lifetime and high availability of the products due to the highest level of maintenance and repair
  • Maximum cost transparency from binding quotes and reports on the findings
  • More effective and affordable service as a result of the manufacturer expertise
  • Consideration of the maintenance time window due to flexible personnel scheduling


  • Implementation of all prescribed maintenance, inspection and overhaul tasks
  • Completion of repairs and troubleshooting
  • Preparation of fault diagnostics
  • Performance of factory acceptance tests (FATs)

Original Voith Spare Parts

Ensuring quality in every detail

We demand the spare parts be of the highest standard for our products: precision manufacturing and testing according to quality standards for new parts. In this way, original spare parts from Voith ensure the safe and reliable functioning of your products. In addition, we are continuously refining our spare parts. Even those products that are already installed benefit from these improvements.

Our logistics experts make sure that the spare parts get to you quickly. With Voith's spare parts service, you get delivery within the arranged time – anywhere in the world.

What do we offer you?

  • Faster and more reliable global shipment of stock spare and wear parts, even express delivery upon request
  • Standard spare parts are stocked in our service branch offices worldwide
  • Advice on identifying and selecting spare parts
  • Spare parts are available for up to 20 years, after which replacement products are available
  • Consulting on your spare part management
  • Preparation of spare part packages that match your Voith products precisely and that meet your operating conditions
  • Continuous refinement of the original spare parts

What are the benefits for you?

  • Secure spare-part procurement using the manufacturer's expertise
  • A long product lifetime due to perfectly matched spare parts
  • High system availability due to secure spare-part supply
  • Functionally reliable spare parts resulting from 100% final testing


  • Delivery of spare parts for current and for previous products
  • Delivery of standard spare part kits and specially prepared kits
  • Consulting on repairs and overhauls for our products
  • Development of spare part strategies considering the technical and financial operating conditions