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AutoSet is a process improving coupling with controlled slip and automatic reset to improve performance and minimize production stoppages. AutoSet handles dynamic torque peaks of short duration safely and without releasing. The coupling is completely automatic and the self-reset function maximizes production uptime.

AutoSet reduces high torque peaks by slipping up to 180 degrees without releasing. If the torque peak has a longer duration the AutoSet will release entirely and limit the torque.


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Advantages and Benefits

Design features

  • Ensures continuous production due to torque limitation without disengagement
  • Automatic resetting of slip angle
  • Complete disengagement during a long peak event
  • Automatically resets itself to the preset torque limit after a longer overload/complete blockage


  • Improves production as no resetting is needed for short peaks
  • Lower maintenance cost as no manual resetting needed
  • Less investment cost as no additional equipment is needed
  • Continuous operation even during an overload improves production uptime

Typical Applications

  • Steel mills and levelers
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Crushers and grinders
  • Conveyors and excavators
  • Thrusters and waterjets
  • Gas turbines and compressors
  • High speed trains

Technical Information


A friction grip is created by a hydraulically adjustable tapered sleeve that generates the preset torque level. If the set torque is exceeded, the coupling slips and limits the torque with an accuracy of +/-10% during standard performance.

Release curve with AutoSet

Following a release
After release the AutoSet coupling automatically resets itself to the full preset torque level and no manual handling is needed. This safely avoids lengthy stoppages in production. Torque capacity available between 0.41 to 275 kNm.