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The SafeSet principle is simple: friction and flexibility. No material fatigue, a constant torque transmission and adaptability. SafeSet torque limiting couplings secure your driveline against torque overloads and ensures your equipment operates safely at a maximum level.

SafeSet is a torque limiting coupling which prevents machine damage in high value rotating equipment. It works like a mechanical fuse in the driveline by safely protecting the system from costly breakdowns. In an overload situation, when the set torque is exceeded, the SafeSet releases instantly, saving the driveline from catastrophic failure. SafeSet protects your driveline and maximizes production, for years to come.

Torque limiting couplings from Voith prevent machine damage in high value rotating equipment. They work like a mechanical fuse in the driveline by protecting the system from costly breakdowns. SafeSet only releases when the set torque is really exceeded. This allows your driveline to always operate at the maximum level, without risking damage from overload.


Voith Turbo Safeset AB
Rönningevägen 8
82434 Hudiksvall, Sweden

Tel. +46 650 540150
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Advantages and Benefits

Design features

  • Torque release between 1 and 20 000 kNm
  • Adjustable torque settings to suit all applications
  • Immediate release at a preset torque in the event of a torque overload


  • Maximum driveline protection — damaging inertia disengage at once
  • Set torque remains constant over time
  • Quick resetting for maximum uptime
  • Custom made to suit individual requirements

Typical Applications 

  • Steel mills and levellers
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Crushers and grinders
  • Conveyors and excavators
  • Thrusters and waterjets
  • Gas turbines and compressors
  • High speed trains

Technical information 

Release curve

As a torque peak builds up, the inertia forces the driveline to rotate until it exceeds the maximum allowed torque, which can cause a catastrophic failure.