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SlipSet ensures continuous production and is designed to slip in the event of an overload situation. By acting as a shock absorber in drivelines with frequent torque peaks, the SlipSet safely prevents time consuming downtime due to repair work. The SlipSet units are very compact and can be installed in areas with a minimum of space, to ensure the most optimal position in a driveline.

In the event of a temporary torque overload, the SlipSet coupling slips to limit the torque peaks and enable continuous production. If the blockage persists, the SlipSet coupling slips until the drive can be stopped to enable the blockage to be cleared.


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82434 Hudiksvall, Sweden

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Advantages and Benefits


  • Ensures continuous production due to torque limitation without disengagement
  • Minimized installation cost thanks to compact design
  • Less maintenance cost due to instant overload protection that protects your driveline from premature wear

Typical Applications

  • Steel mills and levelers
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Crushers and grinders
  • Conveyors and excavators
  • Thrusters and waterjets
  • Gas turbines and compressors
  • High speed trains

Technical Information


SlipSet is based on the same technology as the SafeSet coupling, but with the ability to instantly slip instead of release in the event of a torque overload.