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SmartSet is based on the same technology as the SafeSet coupling, but it is equipped with a SmartSet device that gives the coupling the additional slip feature. This centrifugal device is activated by the rotational speed of the driveline. This enables the coupling to slip during high transient torques, that are an inherent part of many applications. The SmartSet device will reset itself at zero rpm and the full slip angle is regained.

The SmartSet principle is simple: controlled slip torque for process improvement. The SmartSet coupling has the ability to slip up to 120° without releasing, to safely limit short peaks. If the torque peak is of long duration in an overload situation, the SmartSet coupling will fully release and subsequently save the drive line from serious damage.


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Advantages and Benefits

Design features

  • Ability to slip up to 120° during a torque peak
  • Torque release between 1 and 20 000 kNm
  • Adjustable torque settings from 50 to 100 % of max torque setting
  • Mechanical slip and release mechanism


  • Ability to slip without release to reduce short duration and dynamic peak torques
  • Accurate and constant slip and release torque
  • Adjustable slip and release torque
  • Maximum driveline protection
  • Release during blockage

Typical Applications

  • Steel mills and levelers
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Crushers and grinders
  • Conveyors and excavators
  • Thrusters and waterjets
  • Gas turbines and compressors
  • High speed trains

Technical Information


Friction is generated upon expansion by pressurized hydraulic fluid. The shear tube and pressure valve hold pressure to ensure a constant but easily adaptable torque transmission.


SmartSet following a release
The SmartSet device is activated and reset by the rotational speed. The coupling includes a twin-walled hollow sleeve. The bearings allow the coupling to rotate freely after a release.

Release curve

Release curve
During a torque peak higher than the set torque, the SmartSet reacts with an instant slip that reduces the torque by up to 30% without interrupting production.