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Mini Hydro Products

Mini Hydro - A Comprehensive Solution for Smaller Sites

Application Range

The Mini Hydro Application Range of single units covers a range from 50 to 1,200 kW. By parallel operation, the output of the power plant can be multiple megawatts. Our portfolio provides solutions from very low heads like StreamDiver to high heads with 200 m and more for example eQ Pelton. Standard low voltage generators and electrical protection and control equipment is an integrated part of the Mini Hydro product line.

Mini Hydro Product Overview

    eQ Solutions

    The eQ Solutions comprises highly standardized turbine generator units and relevant auxiliary systems. The system is pre-assembled which allow fast and easy erection at site. With integrated controls and actuators it provides a compact and reliable water-to-wire system.


    • 2 to 10 m
    • 2 to 20 m³/s
    • Up to 1000 kW
    • Vertical double-regulated Kaplan
    • High efficient hydraulic design
    • Short erection time due to pre-assembled parts
    • Compact design to optimize civil structure
    • Directly coupled generator or speed increaser option
    • Maintenance friendly due to modular design


    • Up to 150 m
    • 0.5 to 3 m³/s
    • Up to 1 200 kW
    • Vertical or horizontal Francis Unit
    • Compact, pre-assembled turbine generator
    • Medium head up to 125 m
    • Runner diameter from 400 to 790 mm
    • Optimized Inlet and draft-tube parts
    • High-quality milled runner in-house


    • Up to 200 m
    • Up to 1 m³/s
    • Up to 1,200 kW
    • Vertical or horizontal Pelton
    • 1-, 3-. 4- and 6-nozzle design
    • Inner-regulated nozzles with hydraulic actuator
    • Compact set with integrated generator
    • Encased in concrete or free-standing
    • Jet deflector as an option

    StreamDiver Turbine

    Voith has developed an innovative, reliable, and eco-friendly turbine. The StreamDiver is designed to keep constructional effort and peripheral equipment to an absolute minimum. This allows for power creation at locations where conventional plants are not viable for economical or ecological reasons. A variety of power plant set ups are available to meet specific project requirements.

    • Up to 8 m
    • Up to 14 m³/s
    • Up to 850 kW
    • High-efficient propeller turbine
    • Direct-Driven Permanent Magnet Generator
    • River-water lubricated bearing design
    • Completely oil-free
    • High availability and minimum maintenance by design
    • Modular Design for sites with high flow (parallel generation of multiple units)
    • Runner regulation or variable speed as option for flow regulation
    • Flexible integration and solution for low head run-of-river or energy recovery projects

    Tubular Turbine

    The Voith Tubular Turbine is designed to provide clean power from industrial water applications (e.g. sewage or drinking water treatment plants). Its focus is flexible integration, easy access and the use of standardized, off-the-shelf components.

    Source: The Tokyo Electric Generation Co., Ltd.

    Design Features

    • Up to 20 m
    • Up to 4 m³/s
    • Up to 250 kW
    • Fixed runner or runner regulation for variable flow
    • Cost-efficient off-the-shelf generator
    • Higher head through serial arrangement
    • Higher flow through parallel arrangement
    • Tubular design with high setting and easy access
    • Special application in drinking or sewage water treatment plants

    Key Facts: Complete Water-to-Wire Solutions

    • Turbine Generator Units from 50 to 1,200 kW
    • Head Range from 2 to 500 m
    • Flow Range from 0.3 to 15 m³/s
    • Compact and Integrated Auxiliary Systems
    • Standard Low Voltage Protection & Control System

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