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Bulb/Pit turbines

The hydraulic development, design and manufacture of bulb/pit turbines has been significantly influenced by Voith for decades. Specific project requirements determine, which hydroelectric equipment is favorable on a case by case basis.

Reliability and long life

The application of bulb and pit turbine units provides unique advantages. Their design provides good accessibility of various components and assures reliability and long service life.

Advantages of the bulb design

Higher full-load efficiency and higher flow capacities of bulb and pit turbines can offer many advantages over vertical Kaplan turbines. In the overall assessment of a low head project of up to 30 m, the application of bulb/pit turbines results in higher annual energy and lower relative construction costs. We have successfully installed turbines with a runner diameter of up to 8.5 m and an output of up to 80 MW.


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