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Many situations require high-performance hydraulic systems with well-engineered valves. Voith valves are the right choice in these cases. They're known for their high dynamic behavior and precision. In addition, our valves feature compact design and take up very little installation space.

Directional control valves can have switching times of less than 10 ms, for example. Or take our flow control valves, which can control a volume flow down to a rate as little as 10 cm3/min. Pressure valves feature very good damping properties, with no accom­panying loss of control speed.


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Advantages and benefits

  • Voith valves feature outstanding dynamic behavior. This allows hydraulic systems to achieve extremely short reaction times. This in turn makes it possible to design a highly efficient actuator cycle. As a result, your machine is highly productive and its reduced energy consumption lowers your operating costs.
  • The valves function with extreme precision, giving hydraulic systems optimal con­trol characteristics. Actuator motion profiles can be implemented with precision and high flexibility. Your machine or system produces with consistently high quality.
  • Our valve design is compact and we offer a wide range of interfaces. You won't need much space for your hydraulics, and integration into your machine or system is simple. That translates into savings in production costs and simplified main­tenance for the operator.


Directional Control Valves

Voith directional control valves are solenoid valves that feature extremely fast switching times and a very compact design. Even without a booster, the valves achieve switching times of less than 20 ms. With a booster, switching times of less than 10 ms are achievable.

Flow Control Valves

Voith flow control valves control the outgoing volume flow virtually independently of the differential pressure and the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid. These valves can set volume flows precisely and repeatably down to less than 10 cm3/min.

Pressure Valves

Voith pressure-relief valves, pressure-reducing valves, check valves and accumulator charging valves are distinguished by an extraordinarily high dynamic behavior and precise switching points.

Sandwich Plate Valves

Voith sandwich plate valves are ideal for compact, highly functional but still cost-effective hydraulic systems. Up to 50% of the installation space can be saved compared to hydraulic systems using pipe and hose connections.

Servo Valves

Voith servo valves (electro-hydraulic amplifiers) feed the current actuator position back in real time using a direct mechanical linkage. As a result, short-stroke actuator movements can be realized freely programmable, highly dynamic and with maximum process reliability.