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Flow Control Valves

Voith flow control valves control the volume flow virtually independently of the differential pressure and the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid. These valves can set volume flows precisely and repeatably down to less than 10 cm3/min. A volume flow of 10 cm3/min is roughly a flow rate of 3 drops per second.

These flow control valves are ideal for hydraulic systems with controlled actuators that perform slow, precise movements. The valves are set either with high sensitivity using a scaled hand wheel or by remote control using a stepper motor with an analog or digital setpoint signal.

With our flow control valves, the actuator in your system moves very uniformly. In this way, you achieve consistently high process quality.


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Technical data

Nominal sizes NG 6
Design 2-way flow control valve
Volume flows 10 – 20,000 cm3/min
Operating pressure Up to 250 bar
Adjustment methods
  • Scaled hand wheel
  • Stepper motor with analog setpoint signal (0 – 10 V)
  • Stepper motor with digital setpoint signal (Up/Down, CAN, Profibus)
Ports As per ISO 4401
Reproducibility ± 2.5%

Typical applications

  • Hydraulic systems with actuators that perform slow and precise movements without position control
  • Feed control systems, for example, in band saw systems
  • Stroke control systems

Advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
  • Precisely tuned pressure compensator in the valve.
  • High-precision manufacturing of the valve components.
  • The valves control small to medium-sized volume flows with high precision.
  • The reproducibility of the set volume flows is, at ± 2.5%, very good.
  • The actuator in your hydraulic system performs a very uniform movement. The process quality is correspondingly high.