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Fluid coupling type TurboCool
Fluid coupling type TurboCool

The Voith TurboCool coupling optimizes the operation of gas compressor stations with engine driven cooling fans. This coupling reliably regulates the speed of the fans to maintain optimum cooling performance. The cooling system does not freeze up and does not overheat. This increases availability to the compressor station. The cooling system requires less power. Increase of gas production is possible with saved power. Lower cooling capacity means lower CO2 emissions and lower fan noise. Environmental pollution is reduced.


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Benefits and uses

  • Prevents the compressor cooler from freezing or overheating
  • Bi-annual adjustment of the fan blades not required
  • Higher gas production possible
  • Overload protection of the drive from sudden stops
  • Reduces load on engine, thereby reducing CO emissions
  • Reduces noise emissions due to lower overall fan speed

Typical fields of use

  • Wellhead stations with combustion engine
  • Booster stations with combustion engine
  • Gathering stations with combustion engine



Unit a b c d
mm 834 780 680 646,5
inch 32.83 30.70 26.77 25.45

Technical information

Operating principle

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        Operating principle of the hydrodynamic power transmission
Operating principle of the hydrodynamic power transmission

Hydrodynamic couplings transmit the initiated mechanical power to the driven machine via a flow of fluid. This occurs by means of two bladed wheels positioned face to face. The primary wheel (red) is connected with the motor and acts like a rotary pump, the secondary wheel (blue) is connected to the driven machine and acts like a turbine. Power transmission is proportional to the fill level in the working circuit. As a result of the mechanical separation of the drive and driven sides, the hydrodynamic couplings transfer the power wear-free and dampen the torsional vibration and torque shocks in the drive chain at the same time.

Fill-controlled couplings

With fill-controlled couplings, a control device continuously changes the transmission behavior. This is carried out by changing the filling level and is made possible by controlling the flow of the operating fluid supply and draining using valves.

TurboCool fill-controlled couplings have an external fluid circuit that is also used for cooling. These couplings function primarily as a soft start/stop and speed control mechanism for the cooling fan. This increases the productivity and reliability of your system.

When starting, fill-controlled couplings are completely empty thus enabling a load-free engine run-up. This relieves and protects the engine and mechanical drive components.

Innovative XL profile

Fans for compressor motors with a Voith TurboCool coupling

The TurboCool couplings have an innovative paddle wheel profile, the so-called XL profile. Voith engineers developed this profile using the latest CFD simulation. Drawing on many years of experience and know-how, they managed to get more operating media into the working circuit of the coupling. This leads to higher power transmission with the same installation space.

        Standard profile, XL profile
Standard profile, XL profile


Voith doesn't just supply couplings, we are also your engineering partner for customer-specific drive solutions:

  • Designing of complete drive packages
  • Customizing the coupling for the optimal use of your system.
  • Analysis and optimization of the operating performance of drives in existing systems (retrofit)
  • Individual consultation and preparation of an optimized control logic


With our service provision, we support you anywhere in the world throughout the entire service life of your system.
How you benefit: you increase the efficiency, safety and availability of your system.


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  • Commissioning and follow-up-service
  • Modernization, retrofits
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We are at your side at all times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to our worldwide service network, we are always close by.


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