Direct Entry

Direct Entry at Voith

Most first jobbers start their career at Voith by direct entry. Be it on completion of your apprenticeship or your studies, Voith offers numerous opportunities for development. We ensure that you are in a good place with us when you join the company directly. Competent employees will familiarize you with your duties. We support you with further training measures, offer perspectives and move your career forwards.

"I started as a trainee and I also wrote my diploma thesis at Voith. Now I work as an industrial engineer in the production planning department of Voith Turbo Rail in Heidenheim."

Tommy Schmid, Industrial Engineer, Voith Turbo 

Have you found an appropriate vacancy? Or do you think your qualifications are suitable for Voith even if there is no current vacancy? We look forward to receiving your application - preferably via our online application tool.


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