Careers at Voith develop flexibly and are oriented on the needs of the company. Employees can apply for vacancies within the Voith Group. Voith supports this change within the company, as it is important for the professional and personal development of our employees - something that is close to our heart.

You don't have to leave Voith in order to get on with your career. This is not the only reason why we are so proud of the low fluctuation rate among our employees. We would like you to fully unfold your potential. During your Employee Dialogue, you and your line manager also discuss your long-term possibilities with us. At the same time, we also promote the professional development of our employees with a wide range of qualification measures: we develop careers with perspectives.

Of course you can also look for personal opportunities yourself. Our internal application system creates transparency about vacancies and supports you worldwide with your application.

We always keep an eye on capable employees. This applies especially to our young talent, which we promote on various levels of our organization: at the location, and on Group Division level. Whenever we would like to fill a vacancy we give preference to internal, competent employees, as this is part of our corporate culture.

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