Cooperation with Schools

Cooperation with Schools  

Fit for the Future?

Through numerous cooperative ventures and partnerships we offer school students an opportunity to get to know Voith and get an insight into the operations and possible career prospects offered by an industrial company. An example is our partnership in the projects Business@School (an initiative of the Boston Consulting Group) and the School Students' Engineering Academy.

With these programs we promote technical and commercial understanding and offer an orientation for later career choices. With its overseas scholarship, Voith - as a globally active company - promotes international exchange and cultural understanding.

In cooperation with schools we also offer internships for school students. This program will help you to get a taste of everyday working life and gain experience for your own career plans.

Please find our vacancies here:

School Students Internships

Which path would you like to take? At some point during your school education, you will have to make future career or study choices. At Voith, you can get to know many types of jobs (e.g.technician, mechanic, draftsman, industrial administrator, engineer, industrial scientist, or informatics engineer) and discover your own strengths.

Internships for students usually take place on the basis of OIB (orientation in occupation fields), BORS (job orientation for secondary schools) and BOGY (job orientation for grammar schools) programs. For this purpose, we cooperate with schools situated near us, with many of them for years. With these programs, we would like to give you a brief but informative idea of industrial or commercial jobs and offer you the relevant training.

Please directly apply for an internship at your preferred location. The written applications should include an application letter, a cv and your last school report.

Jobs at Voith


Voith is involved in the Business@School program of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as an honorary school patron and supports classes of grammar school with the establishment of a module in economy.

In a partnership with teachers and BCG consultants, Voith employees look after the course projects where teams of five to six students get together.

Over one term, the participants initially look at large companies, as well as smaller enterprises from their region and then develop a business idea. At the end of each project phase, the student teams present their results in front of an audience. The best business plans are selected by a jury at a school, regional or Europe-wide level.

The goal of the project is to:

  • Create an interest in business issues
  • Convey a realistic image of large companies, medium-size and small enterprises and demonstrate that business is far from boring
  • Encourage entrepreneurial thinking and present key qualifications in a practical environment
  • Improve platform skills and a confident attitude
  • Practice result-oriented Teamwork

School Students' Engineering Academy

SIA at Voith

Voith was the very first industrial partner of the SIA project. SIA (School Students' Engineering Academy) is a cooperation of Baden-Württemberg schools, universities and companies.

The goal of the SIA is to familiarize scientifically interested and talented school students with the engineering profession and support them in their career.

SIA thus opens the doors into a professional future.

In lectures, but primarily in practical exercises, workshops and projects, subjects from a wide range of areas are addressed:


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Business administration

Interested? Why not apply via your school administration, using the special application form. Suitable applicants are pupils in grade 9. Entry requirements are good grades as well as a positive attitude.

Voith Scholarships for Pupils 

A year abroad with a Voith student scholarship: this is more than just learning the respective country's language. They live with a host family and experience everyday school life in another country. Many longtime friendships arise in this way. Thinking in a tolerant way, acting creatively and adapting to unusual situations - a year abroad is always an opportunity for your personal development.
Voith grants partial scholarships for a school year abroad preferably in Brazil, China or the USA. The main criterion for the award is the financial situation of the family as well as the high motivation of the applicants.

Prerequisites for the scholarship:

  • Student with residence/ school at a company location of Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA (preferebly in the region of Heidenheim)
  • Great interest in the target countries Brazil, China or USA
  • Age between 15 and 18 years on departure to the host country

First, students must apply for the AFS program. More information at:

If students wish to apply for a scholarship, they can record this on the AFS application form. According to the AFS program, all selected applicants will automatically receive additional documents to apply for a scholarship.

For questions, please contact Maria Bungarten ( | Tel 040 399 222-64) at AFS.

Luise, a student who received a student scholarship for Brazil from Voith for the school year 2013/14, reports regularly on her experiences and impressions in her blog. Have a look and get a first impression,
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