What Apperentices and Students Say

What Apprentices and Students Say

What is it like to work for Voith? Our experience reports provide an insight into the company and show Voith from the perspective of our apprentices or DH students.

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Jessica Goldmann 
DHBW Student for Mechanical Engineering

My name is Jessica Goldmann and I am studying mechanical engineering at the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg in Heidenheim – with Voith as my training partner.

Why have I decided to go for this study path? Because it means practice-oriented studying, supported by an industrial company. And why Voith? In Voith I have a successful training partner on my side, who takes my education seriously and supports me.

"If I had to decide again
on a traineeship,
I would do exactly the same!"

I am involved in international projects and can employ and widen my theoretical knowledge. As a result I am able to bring in my ideas and suggestions even while I am still at university.

Additionally, I was given the opportunity to participate in a hydro power plant revision in Ireland. During this time I was able to familiarize myself with the many tasks that might confront an engineer and exchange ideas with my future colleagues. Experiences such as these are very important to me, both personally and professionally, and I would not want to miss them.

Roman Zeitler 
Ulmer Modell Student for Electrical Engineering

I am a Voithian! My name is Roman Zeitler and I study electrical engineering at Ulm University. In parallel, I also undergo an apprenticeship at Voith as an electronics technician. The company gives me the opportunity to effectively employ what I have learned in the individual development and production departments. Experienced and helpful colleagues support me on my way to becoming an engineer. At Voith, teamwork comes first, which is revealed especially in larger projects. Having the opportunity to implement my own ideas has shown that I have made the right career decision.

Marlies Wöhrle 
DHBW Business Informatics Student

My name is Marlies Wöhrle and I am studying business informatics. I have chosen a practice-oriented dual study course, and found a diverse and reliable training partner in Voith.

Through my dual studies I have learnt more about my own interests and professional options. The practical work at Voith gives me an opportunity to intensify what I have learnt and to channel my creativity and abilities into current projects. During the practical phases of my studies I have the opportunity to go through different departments and get to know various special subjects and working methods at home and abroad.

In a globally active company, IT systems must work reliably and have to be flexibly adapted to the varying requirements of the workforce. With my study focus on IT security, I develop concepts for Voith in fields such as security, risk and emergency management. Doing my bit for the Voith community is very important for me and I would always go again for the dual study option at Voith.

Markus Janitzek 
Apprentice as a plant mechanic

Hello, my name is Markus Janitzek and I started a 42-month apprenticeship as a plant mechanic, concentrating on welding technology at Voith Industrial Services GmbH Mainhausen in August 2009. The company specializes in shutdowns and plant revision for refineries and power stations, engineering and the construction of off-road machinery and containers, plant and pipeline construction, as well as measuring and control technology.

A job advertisement in the local press awakened my interest in an apprenticeship at Voith, and during a visit at the Aschaffenburg Job Fair I made the first contact and was able to get an idea of the training contents, the people in charge and the apprentices themselves. The recommendation of an acquaintance and the renowned training facilities at Voith also spoke in favor of my decision to apply for the advertised vacancy.

After an entry test and a very friendly interview, I was accepted!

Training Phases – Training Year 1

During the first few weeks of their apprenticeship, all trainees get to know each other at a barbecue party. In our first training year we were taught the basic skills of metal working (filing, sawing, drilling) in the training workshop. During the apprenticeship, social contacts within the team also became stronger and it was noticeable how we gradually developed into a genuine team.

Training Phases – Training Year 2

During the next training year we intensified our knowledge and acquired new skills in line with the training plan. In addition we were allocated as assistants to the professionals in the workshop, which gave us an opportunity to use our new skills and actively help with production orders. We also spent a lot of time preparing for our first exam under the excellent supervision of our trainer Mr. Fischer. Additionally we attended further training courses focusing on health and safety issues.

Training Phases – Training Year 3

I am currently in my third apprenticeship year. It started with an assignment on a building site in Worms. I was able to gather experience in the field Onsite C&R and actively employed my new skills in plant and pipeline construction. After a short induction period I was able to handle orders independently. At the moment I am back at the training workshop in Mainhausen, where I can deepen and consolidate my skills in WIG welding and prepare for my state-approved certificate in welding. I really look forward to my final exams, for which I am currently studying intensively. Due to my very good results during my dual training I was allowed to shorten my training by six months to just three years.

What I Like

What I really like about my job is that it is so interesting and diverse. There are many different tasks, and there is no monotony or boredom. Processing materials by employing connecting, separating, milling and forming technologies is an exciting challenge. We are encouraged to work independently and also as a team. In this way we create solidarity among the apprentices and are able to swap ideas within the group. The theoretical basis for our training is provided by the vocational school in Offenbach and in-house lessons in the plant. Another plus are the events outside our actual training. For example the annual barbecue, the football tournament of apprentices from different regional companies and the opportunity to represent the company at graduate and career fairs. This promotes contact and exchange with apprentices from other companies. And finally I would like point out that we receive excellent support from our knowledgeable and farsighted trainer Jochen Fischer who assists us in every way and is always open for problems of any kind.
My plan for the near future is to finish my training with a really good grade. Perhaps I manage to continue the tradition, which offers special training in welding technology on state-approved basis at Voith in Mainhausen for the best apprentice. Of course I would like to join Voith full-time and pursue a career as a skilled worker, with a perspective on new tasks as a senior mechanic or manager of a small construction site or project. An important aspect for me are the further opportunities on offer, for example on-the-job training to become a master craftsman. It would be great if the company could support me here. All in all I can honestly say that I look forward to my professional future at Voith.

Stephen Prattinger 
Construction Mechanic Apprentice

My name is Stephen Prattinger. Initially I was not sure about my future job, and I therefore decided to do the work preparation year at the private special vocational Hanns Voith School. There I spent three separate weeks in a wide range of areas, for example metal, wood and services. I was also given an opportunity to catch up on my school-leaving certificate in metal processing and services. After finishing at Hanns Voith School and successfully passing my school-leaving certificate I knew that working with metal was going to be my future. And when I received an offer for an apprenticeship at Voith as a construction mechanic, I was able to immediately continue with the company's three-and-a-half year training program. During my time as an apprentice, we founded the band "Los Crachos" of which I was an active member. I have now successfully completed my apprenticeship and, after applying for a job, am now working at Voith full-time.

Jessica Heid 
Apprentice for Industrial Administration

My name is Jessica Heid. Following recommendations and descriptions by my family I developed an interest in a career as an industrial administrator at Voith Industrial Services in Mainhausen. A practical training course reassured me that I had made the right decision, and on 16 August 2010 I started out as an apprentice.

The first four weeks were spent in the Voith training workshop, where I was taught all about the technical basics and learned to appreciate the work of my colleagues.

Afterwards I moved to the tool and equipment store for about two months issuing new inventory numbers and keeping records of material withdrawals. Further stations were work preparation, reception, purchasing and automation.

In the departments Onsite C&R Center and Special Services AB I gained a comprehensive insight in project and order handling. I really enjoyed the work and could once again see that my career choice was right. I like going to work and I really enjoy my duties.

"Getting an insight into all departments is an excellent idea. I learn all about the activities and tasks and get a good overview of the company."

What I also like is that Voith organizes events for apprentices outside work, for example the annual barbecue or football tournaments between the apprentices from various regional companies.

The Mainhausen apprentices are also invited to attend exhibitions, for example the annual "Berufswegekompass" (Career Compass) at the F. A. N. Arena in Aschaffenburg. All the above has a really positive impact on my professional and personal development.

I would like to finish my apprenticeship with a good grade and also work for Voith in the future - in a job that complies with my interests and capabilities. Voith also offers numerous possibilities for further vocational training.

Marina Lovrekovic 
Industrial Mechanic Apprentice

My name is Marina Lovrekovic, I am 15 years old and I started a dual-system traineeship at Voith as an industrial mechanic on 1 September 2011.

At my school in Wittislingen we were intensively prepared for our working life, and I informed myself about a wide range of career possibilities. I was particularly fascinated by metal processing, because you get visible results at the end of your work - a finished product, made from a simple lump of material.

In the beginning it was not easy for me to work in a traditionally male job environment; many of my male colleagues already had a good basic knowledge when they started their training. I enjoy all jobs that involve metal processing. With my passion for metal, commitment, dedication and the ability to work in a team I am sure that I will reach my training goal.

Alexander Huss 
DHBW Information Technology Student

My name is Alexander Huss and I am studying information technology at the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg in Heidenheim in cooperation with Voith in Heidenheim.

After successfully completing my business high-school exams, my studies meant a drastic change for me, as my knowledge of information technology was only very basic. But after a short induction phase this did not prove a problem. What I find particularly interesting in my studies is the combination of software and hardware. This knowledge can be implemented in many practical areas. I have already worked at Voith Turbo in the diesel locomotive department and helped to program a special website, where customers can look at their train and check on the status of the installed hardware. At the moment I am working at Voith Hydro at a project for the development of a new control technology structure based on Siemens S7 control systems, which is to be projected with the help of Step 7 and WinCC.

My expectations that I would be able to implement theoretical knowledge directly in practice on a dual study course have been fully met by Voith. Voith offers optimum scope to establish a relationship between theory and practice.

Heike Müller 
Apprentice for Office Communications/Administration

My name is Heike Müller and I am undergoing an apprenticeship for office communications at Voith in Heidenheim. I am currently in my third year.

I went for this training path, because I enjoy organizing and working with other people. Working at different departments provides a good insight in the many areas of commercial administration, be it human resources, marketing, purchasing, sales, etc. A particular highlight is the international correspondence with colleagues at other locations and customers from all over the world. I also find the enormous bandwidth of products in our five markets very interesting.

"Getting to know different departments
and Group Divisions makes
the training at Voith highly diverse."

Voith also offers fantastic opportunities in terms of seminars and training courses. We are instructed in various Office programs for our daily work, and there are seminars about teamwork, communications and rhetoric. We get the best possible preparation for our final exams, in order to get good grades and, wherever possible, a job offer. All in all, Voith is a future-oriented company that offers school leavers a great start into working life.


Florian Frühsammer 
DHBW Student for Mechanical Engineering

I am Florian Frühsammer and I am studying mechanical engineering at the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg in Heidenheim. For my dual studies it was important for me to work for a responsible and diverse company and to have an opportunity to go abroad during the practical phase. In Voith I have found an innovative and internationally active partner for a future-oriented traineeship. During the practical phase I have been able to gain a valuable insight in the assembly work at Voith Hydro. The combination of theoretical phases with practical tasks inside the company is a genuine asset for my studies. I would definitely decide again for a dual study course at Voith.

Madeline Möbius 
DHBW Business Administration Student - Industry

My name is Madeline Möbius and I am a dual student for business administration concentrating on 'industry.'

My preference for a practice-oriented study course took me to Voith. After concluding my first semester I can say that my expectations were even exceeded. Voith gives me the opportunity not only to gather theoretical knowledge but immediately implement it in independent assignment s and projects. By going through different departments with every practical phase, I can see how multi-faceted my future prospects are. The insight I gain helps me to learn more about my own abilities and inclinations. Due to the friendly and helpful working climate I am immediately accepted as part of the group and I can really enjoy my job.

Through the theoretical phases of my studies I gain important special knowledge, which I will be able to use during my further deployments at home and abroad, and of course in my future career.

Considering the enormous diversity and, in my opinion, perfect supply of knowledge and practical experience, I would decide for this study path again and again!

Jasmin Müller
Apprentice for Office Communications/Administration 

My name is Jasmin Müller. I am currently in my second year as an apprentice for office communications at Voith in Heidenheim. Prior to starting my apprenticeship I passed my high-school entrance exam ("Abitur"). But I decided in favor of an apprenticeship because it provides a solid basis for any kind of further training. Moreover, practical working life helps to decide, which subject one would like to specialize on in later life.

My apprenticeship is highly diverse. I am constantly changing departments and thus have an opportunity to gather experience in the different areas of the company. I have already been in the purchasing department, human resources and controlling. I really enjoy my job, because I can work with computers and also have daily contact with colleagues and customers.

Voith is a great employer, because the company supports us apprentices and promotes us in many ways. We are offered a range of seminars, for example courses in English, different PC seminars and lessons in etiquette. Apprentices also get a training budget of EUR 800 to allow them to attend other seminars that are relevant to our education. These extra courses are an ideal preparation for our future job. Voith is also an international, future-oriented company and a market leader in many fields.

Erik Mäck 
Apprentice for Industrial Office Administration

I am Erik Mäck and I undergo an apprenticeship for industrial office administration of Voith. I am now in my second year. Apprentices at Voith move through a large number of departments, for example purchasing, sales, accountancy or human resources. The supervisors in the individual departments explain the working processes and support us in our learning efforts. Many interesting subjects are discussed, and we get an excellent insight into the commercial processes of a global company. The training at Voith is very stimulating and diverse. Along our daily routine there are many seminars on a wide range of subjects. Be it languages, Excel training or rhetoric seminars - Voith offers a fantastic catalogue of training opportunities.

New blood is important for the future of a company; this is why Voith invests intensively in its apprentices. Our in-house lectures are an excellent preparation for our intermediate and final exams. Voith also offers in-house lessons whenever there are any communication difficulties at the vocational school. I really enjoy my apprenticeship. I am learning a lot for the future and I am having fun.

Roland Lehle 
Apprentice for Industrial Office Administration

My name is Roland Lehle. In summer 2011, I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a technical draftsman here at Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA, and I am now holding a full-time job in this field at Voith Turbo Rail in Mergelstetten. Even when I was a small child I always drew cars, planes, locomotives and other machines in minute detail. The older I got, the better my capacity for three-dimensional thinking became. My teachers, too, recognized my talent when I had to prove my ability in a technical drawing course. After several work experience placements while I was still at school, I decided that I would like to work in the metal industry after my secondary school leaving exam. The job as a technical draftsman was the perfect entry into professional life.

Training at Voith

When I heard about Voith in Heidenheim I knew instantly that I would send them an application. I was totally impressed by the size of the company and its products and really wanted to be part of this huge family. It looks as if I did rather well during my interview, because I was accepted - and hugely delighted about it.

In our first days as apprentices in the training workshop we were let loose on the drawing boards with pencils and erasers, in order to learn the basics of technical drawing. We scribbled, scratched, erased and sweated.

Afterwards we got our first projects: divided into small groups we had to come up with independent concepts and devise a design. In my case it was a table lamp. We did drafts and sketches and also had a first go at the CAD computer program.

During our workshop training we then actually manufactured our products through bending, welding, turning, milling, filing and drilling.

Further into our apprenticeship we learned how to use the CAD program professionally - in 3D and in 2D. And before long we ended up in various departments of the plant, in order to cooperate productively and gather further practical experience for our future career. Close to the exam, we all did a lot of cramming, in order to make sure that everybody got good marks. And it was worthwhile: we received prizes and awards, and the management was proud of us.

Working at Voith

Now, as a technical draftsman I can justifiably say that I got the best possible preparation for my everyday working life and that I had a hugely useful apprenticeship. As a result, I was able - with the help of Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA - to lay a solid and stable foundation stone for my professional life - something for which I am really grateful.

Michael Fähnle 
DHBW Student for Mechanical Engineering

My name is Michael Fähnle and I am studying mechanical engineering at the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg in Heidenheim.

Getting practice-oriented training is very important to me and I have found an innovative, diverse and value-oriented partner in Voith. Voith allows me to get to know various company divisions here and abroad during my practical phases and thus offers me a fantastic basis for a successful future. I have so far gathered experiences in construction and was able to successfully implement my theoretical knowledge.

I would certainly decide again in favor of dual studies at Voith.

"After finishing my apprenticeship as an industrial administrator at Voith, I was so impressed by the company that I stayed on."

Vera Davydoff,
former trainee 

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