Voith is a TOP Employer

Voith has been among Germany's TOP Employers in the target group "Junior Engineers".

We are a Top Employer

TOP-Arbeitgeber Trendence

In its study "Absolventenbarometer (Graduate Barometer)", Europe's leading research institution Trendence  asks 30 000 students every year about their job and career expectations, and which companies they regard as Germany's most attractive employers. Voith is among the most popular and sought-after employers among engineering students and ranked in 68th place in 2016.

TOP-Arbeitgeber Voith Universum

The Swedish market research institute  Universum also publishes an annual list of the 100 most attractive employers in Germany, based on a survey of 24 000 students at 107 German universities. In 2016, Voith occupied place 74.

Siegel Praktikantenspiegel

Every year, and carry out a survey of over 5500 trainees. Here, Voith received the highest marks and is therefore one of the "stars". The basis of this accolade are the anonymous replies from the Voith trainees.


GettingHired is a social networking community and job portal for American job seekers living with disabilities. Although these individuals are qualified and capable workers, they are disproportionately under-employed or unemployed.

Siegel Careers Best Recruiters

The new employer signet "Unterstützer des studentischen Ehrenamtes" (Supporter of Students' Honorary Offices) identifies employers, which, by supporting the project "Engagier Dich" (Get Involved), show that they have recognized the relevance of students' honorary offices and that the promotion and the support of these activities are important to them. With our corporate statement we lend a potent voice to the voluntary engagement of students and, through our participation, we help to make this project possible.

We are a Fair Company

Voith ist eine Fair Company

Voith is committed to the "Fair Company" principles. The certificate  „Fair Company“  is awarded to companies who speak out against the exploitation of trainees and adhere to the specified "Fair Company Rules." Voith ensures fair working conditions for first jobbers and students, for example by offering adequate remuneration and never filling full-time jobs with trainees or apprentices.

We are a family-friendly company

Logo familyNet

We are members of the regional corporate network familyNET.

familyNET offers services for any size of enterprise. These services include information, consulting and coaching, for introducing new concepts to improve the balance between family and working life, for instance. familyNET is supported by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Financial and Economic Affairs from the European Social Fund, by the Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Baden-Württemberg e. V., [Association of Metalworking and Electrical Industries], Südwestmetall and Arbeitgeberverband Chemie Baden-Württemberg e. V. [Employer's Association for the Chemicals Industry]. In 2014 Voith has been certified as a family-friendly employer by familyNet.

Logo Erfolgsfaktor Familie

Voith has been a member of the corporate network Erfolgsfaktor Familie [Success Factor Family].

This corporate network is Germany's largest platform for employees and employers with an interest in or an existing commitment to a family-conscious personnel policy.

"Erfolgsfaktor Familie" is a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Family and the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Logo Regionales Bündnis für Familie Ostwürttemberg
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The evaluation of the "Top Career Opportunities" study examined over 2000 companies in 59 sectors with headquarters in Germany. The data was collected by two different methods:
1. A paper/pencil questionnaire, which addresses the different career aspects of the company, was sent to all companies. 2. With the aid of Social Listening, the companies were examined in the categories of management culture, sustainability and employer image. In 2016 Voith ranked 1st place.