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Conditions and standards

Here you will find the Voith Paper purchasing conditions and standards. They constitute the exclusive contractual basis for orders. Conflicting or contradictory conditions in invoices, order confirmations or delivery notes shall not be accepted by us.

For queries please get in touch with your relevant contact in the purchasing department.



Crailsheim: Logistics Guideline ge
Crailsheim: Loading Equipment Request ge
Crailsheim: Loading Equipment Pool ge
Crailsheim: Transit Time DB-Schenker ge
Garching: Packaging Guideline ge
Heidenheim: Packaging Guideline ge
Heidenheim: Loading Equipment Request ge
Salzgitter: Logistics Guideline ge
Salzgitter: Logistics Guideline semifinished products ge
Kiel: Packaging Guideline ge


Supplier Self Disclosure ge en
Manufacturability Analysis ge en
Supplier Assessment Main Criteria ge en
Initial Sample Test Report ge en
Initial Sample Labelling ge en
Questionaire Technical Modification ge en
Request for Release under Concession ge en
Deviation Approval Heidenheim (Marine) ge en
Deviation Approval Rostock (Marine) ge en

Agreements & Guidelines

Confidentiality Agreement ge en
Quality Assurance Agreement ge en
Quality Assurance Agreement CV ge en
Supplier Quality Standard Voith Turbo ge en
Supplier Manual CV ge en
Quality Guideline Voith Turbo Material Compliance ge en
Inspection Instruction Traceability ge
IMDS Guideline ge en
IMDS Example ge en

Voith standards 

VN 1631 Indication of Special Inspections ge en
VN 1631-2 Indication of Special Inspections in Drawings ge
VN 3068 Aluminium Alloy Components and Castings ge en
VN 3205 Production Process and Product Approval ge en
VN 3206 Quality Preplanning for Purchased Parts Suppliers ge en
VN 3207 Supplier Assessment and Escalation Process ge en
VN 3211-1 Identification Labelling of Components ge en
VN 3211-2 Identification Labelling of Components ge en
VN 3212 Verification of Components ge en
VN 3221 Component Cleanliness ge en
VN 3232 Components of Cast Iron ge en