Commercial vehicles

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Products for buses, trucks and agricultural machines

Grapes from Italy, traveling to school, grain that was just harvested: trucks, busses and agricultural machines ensure that everything gets to where it is needed and this should be done as efficiently as possible.

Efficient and Sustainable

How high is the payload of the vehicle? How eco-friendly is it? How high is its consumption? How often does it have to be taken to the workshop? And how much does a kilometer cost? Voith offers convincing solutions that pay off. Across the entire service life - and far beyond. Because they do not only reduce your operating costs but also contribute to value retention.

Close cooperation with manufacturers

The development of automatic transmissions, hybrid systems, retarders, vibration dampers, air compressors and TurboCompound systems occurs in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers.

Compact, light, reliable - these are the essential requirements for components and systems. Always in the foreground and every drop of fuel is used as efficiently as possible.

Products and Services for Commercial Vehicles

Expo Milan

All Expo buses are fitted with Voith DIWA transmissions

Expo Milano 2015 extends over one million square meters. Covering the premises on foot from one end to the other looks rather exhausting and time consuming. For this reason the organizers have set up a free shuttle service - after all the guests want to see and experience as much as possible during their visit. All of the Expo buses are fitted with Voith DIWA automatic transmissions.

Developed specifically for buses, the DIWA automatic transmission offers ideal conditions for economical operation: low complexity and fewer installation efforts for manufacturers, low fuel consumption as well as minimum maintenance and service costs for operators. And all this throughout the entire service life of the bus.

Our subsidiaries ensure spare parts logistics on site and carry out service work and repairs. This means: in case of need you can fall back on an uninterrupted service network - anytime and anywhere.