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Grapes from Italy, traveling to school, grain that was just harvested: trucks, busses and agricultural machines ensure that everything gets to where it is needed and this should be done as efficiently as possible.

Thus, operators ask: How much can the vehicle transport? How environmentally friendly is it? How high is fuel consumption? How often is the workshop needed? And how much does it cost per mile?

Efficient, comfortable and sustainable

Not only do manufactures profit from this, but also vehicle operators. In addition, these energy efficient, resource sparing solutions are good for our environment as well.

Close cooperation with manufacturers

The development of automatic transmissions, retarders, vibration dampers, air compressors and TurboCompound systems occurs in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers. Compact, light, reliable - these are the essential requirements for components and systems. Always in the foreground and every drop of fuel is used as efficiently as possible.

How to Prevent Gridlock in Megacities?

Innovative Solutions for Public Transport .

Bogotá – the Columbian capital at an altitude of 2 640 meters is growing like a huge organism. 6.8 million people live in this city - together with the conurbations the figures rises to 7.9 million. Every day, 5.5 million people commute between the suburbs and the center. 850 000 cars congest the carreras and cailles, which divide the city like a checkerboard. There is no metro line or high-rise city railway system. Too expensive, not practicable.

Technical Services

More than 13,000 employees of Voith worldwide support the automotive industry with technical services. Whether it's production equipment maintenance, automation, pre-assembly or technical cleaning, our customers can completely rely on our automotive specialists - in 14 countries, on four continents, 365 days a year. Our services

Instead there is the TransMilenio, introduced in 2000. With the innovative Bus Rapid Transit scheme, Bogotá has put an end to the daily traffic chaos. Meanwhile, this solution has become a worldwide benchmark for public transport systems in huge metropolitan regions.

The bus routes run through the city like arteries from north to south. Just like blood supplies the body with oxygen, the red buses take people to the individual city districts. The vehicles run on dedicated lanes at one-minute intervals. At special stations, passengers can board the buses in both directions. Nobody has to wait for long. 1.9 million people use the system every day - and get to their destination faster.

With the TransMilenio it has been possible to reduce traveling times by approximately 30% and emissions by about 40%. Voith contributes to this: 80% of all TransMilenio buses are fitted with Voith automatic transmissions.

The Pulse of Bogotá.

Every day, the TransMilenio in Bogotá protects the megacity from total gridlock. The system offers a better quality of life for the citizens and cleaner air in the city. Voith makes a contribution to this increased comfort. With automatic transmissions that save fuel and reduce emissions.

Lower Emissions, Better Quality of Life.
An Innovative Public Transport Concept for Bogotá.

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